An Incredible Conversation Between Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin on the Alt Right Revolution Against Jewish Supremacism!

curiel-trump An Incredible Conversation Between Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin on the Alt Right Revolution Against Jewish Supremacism! Dr. Duke had Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin as his guest for the hour. They talked about the Trump University case brought by the Jewish activist Art Cohen. Mr. Anglin talked about the Anti-Defamation League council that has […]

Dr. Duke & Andrew Anglin on Polar Bear Supremacism and Trolling the Jewish Establishment!

taylor-swift-nazi Dr. Duke & Andrew Anglin on Polar Bear Supremacism and Trolling the Jewish Establishment! Dr. Duke had Andrew Anglin, the publisher of the Daily Stormer, as his guest for the hour. The talked about the Washington Post article that polar bears are facing a crisis as a species from male grizzly bears coming into polar […]

Dr. Duke and Dr. McDonald discuss the Alex Jones Show and Necessity to name the Jewish supremacism behind the New World Order

David-Duke-Kevin-McDonald1 Dr. Duke thanked Alex Jones for having him on his show for two hours yesterday and encouraged him to post the full debate on his website. Currently, only a snippet of the debate is being aired on Jones’ main channel, despite him having promoted the debate for days. In addition the show was misnamed “Epic […]

Jewish Political Donor “right” and “left” join forces for Jewish supremacism! Listen!

sheldon-adelson-haim-saban-iac On the show today Dr. Duke discussed how we have a Zio-controlled government with a Zio-controlled opposition. Nothing could illustrate the controlled nature of our political discourse any better than the biggest financiers of both the Republican and Democratic parties coming together at Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Casino to meet with Jewish organizations on ways […]

White privilege is actually Jewish privilege, Jewish Voice for Peace is really Jewish Voice for Supremacism

ADLJVP2 Today Dr. Duke provided a preview of a major research article that he is preparing on Jewish privilege verses White privilege. The fact is that in American and many other Western societies today, privilege in concentrated in a tiny Jewish minority which when it suits them bills themselves as white. However, this same privileged Jewish […]

Atheism and Judaism, The Jewish Religion as First and Formost an Ideology of Jewish Supremacism!

athiest-jews Dr. Duke revealed the amazing results of an international survey that shows that Israel, despite being a “Jewish state,” is actually one of the LEAST religious countries on Earth. This demonstrates that Jewishness in Israel is determined not by religion by rather by ethnicity. Dr. Duke then goes on to explain that even as a […]

Dr. Duke breaks down Jewish supremacism and a possible Congressional run with Dr. Kevin MacDonald

kevin_macdonald_jew Dr. David Duke has a long, powerful interview with Dr. Kevin MacDonald today! Dr. MacDonald discusses the real supremacism that has taken over America and the European World: Jewish Supremacism! In this foundational show. Dr. MacDonald goes deeply into domestic and foreign policy, media and finance and shows how extremely racist Jewish radicals are leading […]

Hear Dr. David Duke on the Financial Cost to America of Subservience to Jewish Supremacism

man_carrying_huge_rock580 Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Hear Dr. David Duke talk on the recent Israeli news article that inadvertently exposes the gigantic Israeli theft going on against America. While Israel receives billions in military assistance each year from America, they use the money to advance their own arms industry which damages American corporations […]

Honoring Rabbi Yosef : How His Approval Proves Jewish Supremacism

rabbiyosefjerusalemk pos yello0w smallt By Dr. David Duke — Often when I discuss the pervasiveness of Jewish racism toward non-Jews, many Christians and other non-Jews are incredulous. The reason why of course is that they have not been permitted to know what the Jews of Israel an the Jews of the world know about Jewish extremism in the highest […]

Tribute to Jim Traficant and his Opposition to Jewish Supremacism

jim-traficant1 Dr. David Duke notes with sadness the tragic passing of former Ohio Congressman Jim Anthony Traficant Jr. He sends his sincerest condolences to Jim’s family and friends. At one stage in their respective careers, Dr. Duke and former Congressman Traficant dueled in a friendly fashion for the Populist Party’s 1988 nomination for President. Dr. Duke […]

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