Hear Dr. David Duke on the Financial Cost to America of Subservience to Jewish Supremacism

man_carrying_huge_rock580 Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Hear Dr. David Duke talk on the recent Israeli news article that inadvertently exposes the gigantic Israeli theft going on against America. While Israel receives billions in military assistance each year from America, they use the money to advance their own arms industry which damages American corporations […]

Honoring Rabbi Yosef : How His Approval Proves Jewish Supremacism

rabbiyosefjerusalemk pos yello0w smallt By Dr. David Duke — Often when I discuss the pervasiveness of Jewish racism toward non-Jews, many Christians and other non-Jews are incredulous. The reason why of course is that they have not been permitted to know what the Jews of Israel an the Jews of the world know about Jewish extremism in the highest […]

Tribute to Jim Traficant and his Opposition to Jewish Supremacism

jim-traficant1 Dr. David Duke notes with sadness the tragic passing of former Ohio Congressman Jim Anthony Traficant Jr. He sends his sincerest condolences to Jim’s family and friends. At one stage in their respective careers, Dr. Duke and former Congressman Traficant dueled in a friendly fashion for the Populist Party’s 1988 nomination for President. Dr. Duke […]

Hear Dr. David Duke on the Fundamentals of Jewish Racism, Tribalism and Supremacism

JS-DD Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Hear Dr. David Duke talk on the carnage and mass murder and maiming of thousands of men, women and children to illustrate the fundamentals of Judaism, Jewish racism, tribalism and supremacism. Then he goes into the major conflicts of the day and Jewish planned war against Iran, […]

Hear Dr. David Duke on Gaza, Jewish Racism and Supremacism

jewish-racism-3101 Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Hear Dr. David Duke talk on Gaza, Jewish supremacism and the true world champions of racism. He shows why racism, meaning to hate and oppress, harm or exploit other peoples, is exactly what the Jewish tribalists are guilty of. In fact, they are so racist they massacre […]

Hear Drs. David Duke and Patrick Slattery Discuss the Core Issue of Jewish Supremacism

JS-image Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Hear Drs. David Duke and Patrick Slattery discuss the core issue facing the world today: Jewish Supremacism. Dr. Duke begins by talking about the single loyalty of thousands of Jews bedecked with Israeli flags in utter devotion to the foreign nation of Israel. He then links it […]

Elliot Rodger: A Case Study in How Jewish Supremacism has Poisoned Society

elliot-rodgersfeatured The tragic Elliot Rodger shooting which played itself last week in Santa Barbara, California, serves as a case study on how Jewish Supremacism has poisoned society through its pernicious influence in Hollywood, the “entertainment” industry, the mass media, politics and the encouragement of value systems which have degraded morals, standards and norms. The version of […]

European Elections: A Small Step Forward to Saving the World from Jewish Supremacism

europe The results of European Parliament elections held last week have at last shown that in many  parts of Europe, resistance to the ideologies enforced by Jewish Supremacists—mass immigration and globalization—are being decisively rejected. DavidDuke.com does not endorse any particular political party, or seek to express an opinion one way or another on any party, so […]

Hear Dr. David Duke on Why Opposition to Jewish Supremacism is Based on Healthy Values

angel Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Hear Dr. David Duke on why opposition to Jewish racism and exploitation and war is a natural reaction based on healthy values. He also talks about a recent study at Michigan State University about how children who are outdoors 5 to 10 hours per week are far […]

Jews, Race, and Nicholas Wade: How Jewish Supremacism Attempts to Guard the Gates of Science

NicholasWade-book By Dr. J. Williams Phd. A fascinating insight into how Jewish Supremacists attempt to guard the gates of scientific debate on race has come with the new book, A Troublesome Inheritance, by well-known science journalist, Nicholas Wade. The book, launched on May 6 this year, sprang to prominence with an article promoting the work published […]

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