Hear Dr David Duke and Argentina’s Adrian Salbuchi Discuss Jewish Supremacism

jewish-racism6 Now on archive! Hear Dr. David Duke and Adrian Salbuchi discuss the real racist menace that threatens the freedom and well-being of every people on Earth: Jewish Supremacism. He also shares with the audience the words of a famous Israeli, former Kenesset member, Uri Avenry who recently wrote about Sheldon Adelson, and how his efforts […]

Hear Dr. David Duke on Historical Personalities Who Have Opposed Jewish Supremacism

martin_luther_1 Listen to Dr. David Duke’s latest radio show, now on archive, where he starts off by reviewing the motivations of historical figures who have opposed the Jewish extremists. He speaks of the incredible humanitarian and peace efforts of Henry Ford, why the Russian Czars were trying to protect the Russian people from exploitation in the […]

Zio-DoubleSpeak, Illegal Immigration, Israel, Vladimir Putin and Jewish Supremacism: Dr. David Duke Radio Show Special

double-speak1 Listen to this sensational radio show, now on archive, in which Dr. David Duke goes into the Orwellian newspeak of the Zio controlled media and political establishment. He shows an AP directive that its reporters must not ever use the term illegal aliens, to describe what are truly illegal aliens—non-citizens who have broken American laws […]

Listen to Dr. David Duke Discuss Jewish Supremacism: Dr. David Duke Radio Show Special

david-duke-radio1 Dr. David Duke has perhaps his most powerful show to date wrapping up and making sense of the worldwide Jewish supremacist threat to Europeans and all of humanity. He goes into the latest worldwide Jewish drive to prevent intermarriage of Jews while Jews try to destroy the unity and ethnic solidarity of every nation in […]

New Publication by Main Presbyterian Church in US Calls Zionism “Jewish Supremacism”

pcusa In a major breakthrough in the worldwide struggle against Zionist extremism, the largest Presbyterian church in the United States, the PC(USA), has issued a formal statement calling Zionism “Jewish Supremacism” — a term first coined and made popular by Dr. David Duke. The astonishing statement is contained in a newly-released study guide for congregations of […]

Exposing the Real Racists: A Review of Dr Duke’s “Jewish Supremacism”

jewishsupremacismcover580 By Edgar Johnston PhD. In 1905, a new book was catalogued in the British Library. Its title was The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and it claimed to be the secret minutes of Jewish élitists who planned to dominate the world. Most authorities now view The Protocols of Zion as an elaborate forgery concocted by agents […]

Israeli Jew Explains Jewish Supremacism and Gentile Hatred

gurvitz Israeli journalist Rossi Gurvitz who writes for several Israeli publications, including the financial daily Calcalist, has provided a rare glimpse into the hidden—from Gentile eyes—world of Jewish Supremacist hatred and racism against non-Jews. The interview, conducted in Hebrew, has been transcribed with English subtitles, is a must-watch for anyone wanting to understand the full depth […]

The Talmudic Roots of Jewish Supremacism by Dr. David Duke

js-ADVERT560 “When I first read extensive sections of the Talmud, even with the Jewish published translations in front of me, I did not want to believe they were authentic. I approached another Jewish acquaintance, Mark Cohen, and gave him a page of these quotations. He seemed equally upset by them. By the look on his face, […]

Jewish Supremacism in Australia: Lies over Israel in Post Office Stamps Exposed

ausstamp The remarkable lengths to which Jewish Supremacists will go to cover up Zionism’s crimes has been exposed once again with the blatant lies prepared by the Australian Post Office’s recent joint stamp issue venture with the Israeli Post Office. The joint issue of a special stamp by both post offices celebrated the Battle of Beersheba, […]

The “Torah Party”: Jewish Supremacism in Britain

ian-livingston “There are so many Jews at the top of Britain’s Conservative party, Prime Minister David Cameron once quipped, that it should be known as the Torah party rather than the Tory party” an article in the Times of Israel has said. This astonishingly honest assessment of the Jewish Supremacist control of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party […]

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