Yet More Jewish Supremacist Divide and Conquer Immigration Hypocrisy

Israel-imigration-policy The announcement by Israel’s Interior Minister that his government will bring in new laws to prevent courts from interfering with their policy of unilaterally deporting all non-Jews from Israel has once again highlighted the international Jewish Supremacist hypocritical divide-and-conquer immigration policy. The announcement by Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar that he will bring in new legislation […]

Dr. David Duke and Patrick Slattery on Incredible Zio Immigration Hypocrisy!

Listen to Dr. David Duke and Patrick Slattery Here is the link the the Dr. David Duke Radio Show Archives. Look ofr the April 8 program. Dr. David Duke on his April 8 Radio Show  has a great introduction on the latest efforts of Jewish extremists to divide and conquer the Western World by promoting […]

Is Immigration Really A “Jewish Value”?

israel_fence_ih_1 By Professor Kevin MacDonald. GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s ominous squishiness in the face of the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge drive, which has provoked a primary challenge from Economics professor Dave Brat,may be due to personal greed, but Jewish organizations clearly think he can be motivated by ethnic appeals. A friend recently forwarded me this email: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, March 24, 2014 […]

Zio-DoubleSpeak, Illegal Immigration, Israel, Vladimir Putin and Jewish Supremacism: Dr. David Duke Radio Show Special

double-speak1 Listen to this sensational radio show, now on archive, in which Dr. David Duke goes into the Orwellian newspeak of the Zio controlled media and political establishment. He shows an AP directive that its reporters must not ever use the term illegal aliens, to describe what are truly illegal aliens—non-citizens who have broken American laws […]

Racist Zionist State’s Immigration Policies Revealed in Detail

forwardbirthrightfeatured The racist Zionist state of Israel has such strict racially-based immigration policies that even some Jews have difficulty getting in, a new article in the US Jewish newspaper the Daily Forward has revealed. In an article titled “Jewish Enough for Birthright — But Not for Israel,” the Jewish newspaper tells of what it calls a […]

Israel’s New Anti-Gentile Immigration Law

sadot Jewish Supremacists the world over lead the way in demanding that all other nations have “open border immigration policies”—but in their own country, the Israeli parliament is about to approve a new law which allows for “undocumented” non-Jewish immigrants to be detained for a year—without trial—in a purpose built concentration camp in the Negev desert […]

The Jewish Lobby and Immigration Reform: A Tale of Staggering Double Standards

moshe-feat The arrest of veteran activist and Washington D.C. director of operations for the National Council of Jewish Women, Sammie Moshenberg, for public disorder offences during a pro-immigration rally in our nation’s capital this week has once again highlighted the staggering double standards that the Jewish Supremacists use on all non-Jews. According to a report in […]

“US Must Have Immigration, but Israel Not”—Leading Jewish Supremacist

jcrc-featured America must have “open immigration” but “non-Jewish immigration to Israel” will “challenge the Jewish character of the state”,” a leading Jewish Supremacist and executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Boston, Jeremy Burton has said on his Twitter account. Twittering about the immigration debate currently underway in the US, Burton stated that […]

Jewish Organizations Support Immigration Reform for Ethnic “Self Interest”

forward-immigration-jewshighlight All major Jewish organizations support mass immigration into America for “strategic reasons of self-interest,” a new article in the Jewish Daily Forward has announced. The article confirms what Dr. David Duke has long been saying, namely that Jewish Supremacist activity in America (and elsewhere) has never been about the “common good” but always in terms […]

Zionist State’s Immigration Controls Allow for Detention without Trial

The Zionist Supremacists who run Israel have an immigration law which allows for the detention without trial of illegal immigrants—while at the same time those self-same Jewish Supremacists are at the forefront of promoting open borders for all other countries. The details of Israel’s immigration laws have come to light as a result of a […]

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